A message to the doubtful mama…

After our second daughter Brennan was born, I swore that I would never be pregnant in the summer again, and yet here I was five years later heavily pregnant in July. I Was fat and miserable in the first half of summer and had a newborn for the second half, and just like that summer flew by before my very eyes.

I found myself feeling guilty because I wasnt able to give my kiddos a very good summer. Am I the only one who does that? I always get to feeling down or guilty for not doing more or for not doing better. It never fails, and then, it happens my kids will say things like “mama this was the best day ever!” And it hits me that I’ve built it up in my head that I have to be the “perfect” mom and wife. I see other moms on Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram or T.V. and I think.. wow why am I not that kind of a mom, why cant I do things like this, I need to be better at these things. When in all reality the mom I am is all I need to be. I may not be the perfect pinterest mom, but I am mama to four perfect kids who think I am the best mom in the world!

So I wanted to write this blog post today to remind all of you mama’s who may be struggling with not feeling good enough or worthy enough or doubting yourself in anyway, that in the eyes of your family you are everything and more! Try not to compete with society and the things you see on social media! Being just you is all they need! Keep doing you mama!

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