An end to a season

Summer in Montana has got to be the absolute shortest season on earth! How can winter last FOREVER and then you blink and summer is gone? Last winter we had -40 degree weather before windchill and I found myself wondering why I live here… joking (or am I) Regardless I find myself somewhat sad when a season comes to an end.

The last few months I’ve been struggling with the fact that another season has come to an end. Not weather wise but a season in my husband and I’s lives. We recentley welcomed our fourth and final baby! And while I know in my heart our family is complete, I am struggling with the fact that this season of life has come to an end for us… those last couple miserable months of pregnancy were the last I will ever have.

I will never feel a baby kick from the inside again, never see a sweet face on an ultrasound or hear their beautiful heart beat, my season of pregnancy and child birth has come to an end.

While that is sad and I have been struggling with it I am also looking forward to the future and enjoying the last of my newborn season! I will enjoy the last of our infant and toddler seasons and as we send off more of our sweet kiddos to school and watch them grow each day I will cherish each and every season more now that I know it is the last!

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