Rules for my daughters

I always wanted a boy, when I would play dolls as a little girl my baby was always a boy! I had lists of boy names, I’d always gravitate towards boy clothes and when we found out we were expectin\ng the first rime around, colton and I both just knew it was going to be a boy! Our little Eli!

So imagine our surprise when our ultrasound tech said “well what about Ellie?” Huh? It’s a GIRL!! A girl? No it can’t be! Check again! Clear as daylight there was our little girl! A girl, how am I going to parent a girl? All the sass and drama, the frills and glitter, that’s not what I had imagined! 5 long months later came our sweet 7lb 2oz Brooklyn Jayde and I found myself wondering what I was ever worried about?

The sass and the drama dont bother me in the slightest and I’m raising Montana girls, so frill and glitter arent asked for very often (though now I wish they were!) The thing that worries me now… how am I going to raise strong, independent, intelligent, caring women? So here are rules for my daughters…

1. Always be yourself

In a world where everyone is in competition with each other, be it on social media, school, work, or in our day to day lives, I will always remind my girls to stay true to themselves! Not to bend or break to try and please someone else.

2. Dance like nobody is watching

Life is short, live it to the fullest always! Never work so hard that you forget to live the life you are working for!

3. Never doubt yourself

We always tell our kids that they can do anything they set their mind to! If they say they can’t they won’t! Brooklyn’s favorite moto is “see it and be it!”

4. Girls can do anything boys can do

Just because you are a girl does not mean there is a limit to your potential!

5. Always remember your roots

No matter where life takes you remember where you started! You are no better or worse than anyone else. You have the potential to be or do anything you set your mind to!

6. Above all else always remember your parents love you and will always be rooting for you!

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