Making time for me!

The secret to staying sane during harvest? For me its making sure I get time to myself, even if its just 5-10 uniterupted minutes!

Having a new baby makes that a lot more challenging than one would think! Between breastfeeding, changing diapers and clothes, burping, roccking and starting the whole process over again, I’m finding it hard to get anything done let alone take 5 minutes to just breath!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty kettle”, and it is SO true mamas! You have to take time for yourself, to refill your soul, before you can give your all to your family!

Lately my favorite way to unwind is by writing my blog posts while enjoying a cup of hot apple cider! Nothing too crazy but its time to myself! I also really enjoy doing my hair and makeup and trying out new looks and sometimes I just take a hot bath and put on a facial mask and enjoy a glass of wine! Another favorite is going out and spending time with our horse trigger! These are all little things that dont take much time or effort but its a time for me to just rejuvenate!

So tonight mamas I’m reminding you to take time for yourselves! Do something nice for you! After all if we dont take care of us… who will?

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