All up in my feels

I’ve been really struggling lately. Feeling like I am not enough, not doing enough. The baby is very needy during the day and I am struggling to find a balance and to get into a routine. My house is a disaster, our schedule/routine is ALL over the place and I feel like a horrible wife and mama! My husband busts his ass everyday and I can’t even keep the house clean!

My oldest two started school and I know I need to get them on a better schedule but it is SO HARD especially when I am on my own and SO, SO TIRED! But the thing I try to remember is, even though our dinner is not always on time or at the same time everyday but, we still have it! We may have cereal for breakfast almost every morning but, at least we have it! We may not get to bed on time or at the same time every night but at least we have clean warm beds to sleep in every night!

My house may be littered with toys and laundry but that means we have clothes on our backs and my kids have toys to play with! My sink may hold a pile of dirty dishes but that just means we have full tummys! The cleaning can wait! Whats nost importamt is that my kids are healthy, happy, taken care of, and LOVED! Brystol is 2 months old already and these snuggly, needy days will soon come to an end! So I am going to soak up every last minute!

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