Checking fence

As summer is winding down our horse pasture is looking pretty bare, so we decided to turn trigger out in the yard so he can graze! Boy is he a happy horse! He was literally leaping with joy when I unlatched his lead rope. But of course before I could turn him out the fences and gates need to be checked to make sure he couldnt escape!

Brystol was taking her morning nap and my sister in law is visiting so she stayed inside with her which meant me and my boy could go check fence and get in a little mama and Bradlee time!

He remembered a spot he seen with his dad down by a big tree where there was an old dead bull and he just had to show me! So we hiked down to the tree and he was so excited to show me the dead bull feet! Boys!

Checking fence seems like such a small thing but heres what I learned while checking fence with my boy…

* Bradlee knows how to climb a barbed wire fence

* He also knows how to hold the barbed wire so I can get under it

* This boy has no fear

* He can find the joy in anything

* I needed this one on one time just as much if not more than he did

I always try to make it a point to take each of my kids one on one at least once a month but i realized i havent done that since Brystol was born and it was SO needed. Bradlee told me as we were walking across the field, “mama i missed you” talk about breaking my heart! It made me realize i need to start doing this more often again! Even if its just a half our walk around the fields by our house!

A quote comes to mind, “It’s not about the presents, it’s about your presence.” 9/10 i think in order to do something special with my kids i have to take them somewhere or buy them something when in reality just having my undivided attention for a short while is all they want and need!

So mama’s take time to be present, everything else can wait!

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